Free craft lesson by Global Art

Weeks ago, Noelle brought home from school an art paper to colour for a contest. And this week, she brought home a notice that there’s this Award presentation for finalists in this Global Art centre. Once I see it, I already know this is a marketing gimmick! 🤭🤣 (not like she coloured so nice 🤭) All the finalists will get to attend a free craft lesson while parents will listen to their parenting and motivation talk🙄.

She wanted to go because her friends are going to. We obliged since there is this free craft activity. We reminded her that going there isn’t for any prize or competition but to complete the craft and to improve her art skills instead.

Again, we left papa with Nikki and Norrah (Nikki was still sleeping when we left for the session). Definitely a good move – as the talk for so boring and promoting themselves! 🙄😴 Noelle enjoyed herself as her classmates (the few who she is closed to were around) – though it was just a simple craft of making a photo frame. With some extra time, they were given a piece of paper to draw whatever they want.

The ‘award presentation’ did happen anyway with everyone attending get a trophy. They nearly missed out Noelle and I could see her disappointment, in fact on the verge of crying! 🙄🤭😂 Motherhood – thick face abit – stood up and told the emcee ‘I think you MISSED her!’ 🙄🙄🤭🤭😆😆 ok la, really missed her out and from sadness turn joy – even the principal of the centre said ‘that’s why you look so sad!’ (Because they mistaken Noelle as one of the siblings that join the craft workshop too)

So that’s how we spent our morning this Sunday (while Norrah was giving papa a tough time🤭).

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