Traditional butter cake

Video <here>

Credit recipe to Long Yen, for my own reference:

My best ever looking and taste butter cake!

I began my baking journey five years ago (when I started as sahm) -with the simplest butter cake – so that my eldest could have her home baked 2nd birthday cake! (Sadly, she didn’t have one at 1st birthday 😂) I went through a lot of trials and ‘tribulations’ – many sadness and joy throughout the journey. Yes, my girl did had her birthday cake from me after all – but I have to admittedly say that it is no where perfect. I even gave up on butter cake and venturing to other types of cakes.

I definitely improved a lot in 2018 – especially sponge cakes! But I didn’t bake for my girl’s 6th birthday! 😆 because all the trial cakes – she got ‘bored’ of mine! 😂😂😂

One thing for sure – my improvement is definitely attributed mostly to recipe from Long Yen’s bake. I couldn’t thank her more – though I don’t ask for recipe directly from her but google the old posts by her.

So my very ‘best’ taste and look butter cake after a stretch of time not baking butter cake – is attributed to Long Yen’s recipe again. Thank you! ✌🏻

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