Don’t push the child

“….together we can help our kids rediscover their intellectual bravery, their enthusiasm for learning, and the resilience they need in order to grow into independent, competent adults. With a little luck, they will look back on their childhood and thank us; not just for our unwavering love, but for our willingness to put their long-term developmental and emotional needs before their short-term happiness. For our willingness to let their lives be just a little bit harder today so they will know how to face hardship tomorrow.” <full article>

– – –

I have not been revising with Noelle, seriously. She has been tired after school hours. We spent more time doing ‘creative work’ instead. Not that I am not concern about her school work, I actually put trust that she has completed it and she has no issue with it. Only when messages from the class whatsapp group will prompt me to asking her things (in a way, the whatsapp group guided me to what’s she learning in class). I haven’t force her to tell me that there’s spelling and she needs to learn it ‘by hard and crook’. Yes, she might ‘fail’ but like the year in kindergarten, she will soon learn that she needs to ‘revise’. I hope she can learn it this way.

Some days she does tell me – who and who – gets to go on stage ‘because they found the most words in the puzzle’ (for example). I didn’t give her a comment about that because I don’t want to feel that getting on stage is that important. I don’t want her to get an impression that scoring and performing are ways to ‘please’ us. But hopefully she gets excited about ‘learning’ for a longer time period, which I think she currently do.

No one knows the future. Maybe my method could be wrong – but I don’t think blindly memorizing or forcing information into our brain helps too. Just like what I read about ‘history’ subject, it is not about who concurs who, but more on WHY the who was able to concur the who – it is about UNDERSTANDING why some things happen that way.

In reality, I learn it the wrong hard way, which I hope my kids don’t repeat it.

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