‘Signing off’ for the LAST jab from Klinik Kesihatan!

We arrived before 7am and got number 2!🙄🙄 (kiasu maaa🤣🤣 no la 😒😒 I need to shorten waiting time so that papa can go work earlier k?😆) The clinic looked empty because they haven’t opened the main door for the orang-orang tua who were queuing outside.

So we waited for an hour plus before the real queue for weight check and nurse begin.All settled before 845am. Weight and height check weren’t accurate because Norrah was moving a lot and also wailing! 🙄🙄 Nurse didn’t really care since it would be the last jab (and our last visit🤭 though they did give us a date for check up!)

Norrah in her super active mode despite waking up at 5am this morning!😒 (and Nikki also woke 5sth today 🤦🏻‍♀️) Fortunately I didn’t put her in shoes or else she will run around (I just struggle carrying her – and thus I have been tickling her to stop her😒).

>> putting both Norrah and Nikki for early morning nap before starting ‘fire’ in the kitchen!

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