CNY eve! Bai bai to the dog 🐶 year – it has been a year of growth!

Our reunion lunch today:

Salad loh sang

Braised pork belly with sea cucumber, mushroom and fish maw

Sliced abalone with stir fry broccoli

Lotus root and arrow row chicken soup

This year the girls helped around – especially with the salad loh song! Happy that they are partaking!


Traditions are ‘man created’ based on their own expectations and beliefs. As time evolves, these expectations and beliefs have also changed. One cannot expect everything to be the same like it used to be. Why do we need to get ourselves stuck doing something that we are not happy about just because it is ‘tradition’? Preserve those traditions that you are comfortable be and re-create new ones that suit the ones around us especially ourselves. Most importantly, do not impose those traditions that you yourself can’t follow onto your kids and worse, other people’s kids! Also, what is ‘best’ for yourself might not necessarily good for your loved ones!

Happy reunion lunch/dinner! 😁😁😁

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