MRT ride on the long season weekend break

Welcome to Kampung Klang Valley! 😅😅 So that’s what we do in our ‘village’! #mrtrides

Our MRT ride from Kwasa (never hear before leh?🤣) to Kajang and also Norrah’s first ride on MRT (our second)

When we told them our plan about taking a train ride to somewhere to ‘eat’ – for the satay, of course 🙄🙄🤣🤣

Noelle: Papa, can we just drive there???

Papa (to me): What have you did to her?

🤣🤣🤣 I think Noelle has phobia’ taking the public transportation, especially when she thought that she needs to walk from home to the train station (which is LRT) and after our last wait for the one hour bus! We told her that this is going to be a different train. Disagree to agree, we went. One way took us about one hour – and they were getting out of control, bored, clingy and cranky! 🤭🤣 But we survived the trip – hubby looking more regret to have parked his car in that Kwasa Sentral station which is why it took longer (I actually suggested Phileo Damansara) 🙄🤣.

Norrah was over excited – didn’t want to be baby wear, so she sticks to papa! 🤣 She even skipped her morning nap until almost 2pm!

Long train ride for satay 🙄🤣

We have to be contented with

Sate Hj Samuel as it is just opposite the Stadium Kajang MRT station; plus our preferred Ngok Lan satay has closed down. The plus point – they have a playground next to them – brushed off the kids’ boredom! 😅😂

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