Handling social situations without mama

Today’s homework about ‘friends’ 🙄

To my Dear Noelle,

I have taught you to be KIND to your friends. But as we ‘grow’ together, I realise it is much more complicated than this! 😓I came to realise that you have to face certain social situations that are difficult (relates to ‘friends’). You may not response in ‘my bestest’ expectations and I would have ‘reprimanded’ you😞 – because it is just my mama instinct to ‘protect’ you.

I am re-evaluating myself. I hope to give you more suggestions on ways to approach those situations, rather than just one approach (which I perceive to be ‘correct’). I shall reduce my ‘what you should’ve done’ but shall ask ‘how comfortable do you feel doing that’. I will continue to let you handle your own interaction.

Thank you for being honest to me! I still wish to listen from you.


GREEN is her ‘new’ colour. She’s in green house (for sports); not like it is her favourite colour nor her choice! 🙄🤣 I saw her great disappointment when told that she’s in green house. But ya, life is not perfect; we can’t get all our top likings all the time!

Anyway, we finally settled her with another black shoes – it is Velcro typed (the H&M socks is okay, but she still complains that her feet is hot and sweaty). Then, it wasn’t easy to find her size (and the type – Velcro- we want) – we went around places to look for it! 😵🙄

Hope that this will end her ‘suffering’ – 😒😒 happy only get new shoes! Told her the other pair is for ‘emergency’ when this shoe gets dirty/wet.

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