Selangor Fruit Valley

We had a fun day at Selangor Fruit Valley, which is smacked between Rawang and Kuala Selangor. It is far away from the busy city/town – we could see many monkeys along the way too!

A wonderful experience of getting through the valley on a tram (brought us up from the ticketing booth) and also tractor (brought us back to our parking) – which made few stops for visitors (we had minimal walking🤭😆)! We got through the big plantation site that has various local fruits. Very peaceful indeed! Besides fruits, there were animal farms that rear rabbits, deers, chickens, turkeys, goats and goose.

Fruits were available for sale – and it depends on the season, I guess. (It was a wise idea that we had our early lunch at Kundang because there has nothing to eat except fruits🤭😆). Fruits available for sale today were guava, rambutan, dokong and banana. We only bought guava and rambutan (plus coconuts)!

The price per entry is RM10 for adult and RM5 for kids above 4. So we just paid RM25! We were also greeted by their very friendly staff. (Anything else you wanna know- please google or visit their website)

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