The real ‘test’ of primary 1

Today is day 4 of Noelle’s Primary 1 life. And also the day she will be left alone entirely in the school. I told her that parents are no longer allowed to get inside the school. And if she ever sees any parents inside the school today, they are not following the school rule (indirectly telling her ‘not I don’t want come’🤭🤣). Various things that I reminded her over the weekend and this morning – hopefully I don’t sound nagging to her😝.

Though she still wants me to carry her to the bathroom and shower her, she is happy to dress up herself and ate her breakfast – as what she planned to eat! Less waiting time compared to last year, and that mean we don’t have any time to play or read books together before school.

Compared to a year ago, Nikki Chou is more independent when jeh jeh isn’t around! 😁 She no longer follows mama around (Only occasionally bugs me); but play by herself (pretend plays a lot, thanks a lot to Noelle for ‘training’ her for more than a month) and at times help me ‘look after’ Norrah (but banyak bising, complaining Norrah does this and that 🙄 exactly like Noelle complaining about Nikki)!

Same rule as last year, no video (gadgets) in the morning, until jeh jeh comes home – and she is perfectly fine with it!

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