Our last spy day!

A mixed feeling – it will be less tiring since we don’t have to come twice everyday (especially Nikki who walks with me) but ‘sad’ that officially Noelle will be longer hours away from us – since no more stalking! 🤭🤣

Generally, today Noelle treated me like non existence! 😒🤣 She and Adilya came running to the canteen first during recess (so got front seat). Noelle didn’t even bother to eye around for me! I saw her opening her lunch box and eat. Nikki was sitting at the usual bench to take her snack too. When I went nearer to Noelle (because she was trying to speak to me after she noticed me), she asked where was Nikki! 😆 ok la, still got think of mei mei.

Today Noelle ate, wash her hands, packed and sent her recess bag back to class before playing with her friends! I applauded her for the steps! Ok la, can trust her that she can take care herself from Monday onwards. We watched her play until the bell rang; she remembered to wave us goodbye!

Nikki, Norrah and I didn’t go home immediately- since it will be an hour more that we need to return. We went for car wash and sat at the ‘mamak’ before going back to bring Noelle home.

Tiring three days routine but definitely feel relief of Noelle’s progress!

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