School break activities with three little girls v8

A visit to mama’s childhood playground

Drop by at my aunt’s place (their grand aunt) to collect their pressie from Aunty Mel! And they wanted to go to playground! 🙄 so brought them to mama’s childhood playground 🤣 – 20 years + [if one sees the structure, mummies will ‘complain’ that they are not ‘child friendly’ 🤭😆 – no rubber mats, with sharp edges, concrete flooring]

And we ran into big red ants at the big seesaw – that bitten Noelle, Nikki and me respectively – what an experience – end up Nikki says ‘I don’t like this playground!’ 🤭😆 (because the ants even climbed her hair and her feet 🤣)

Sweat out day at outdoor FREE playground

Making garbage enzyme

Wrapping up our 2018 and school holiday break today – with making garbage enzyme 🤣 I told Noelle – we will get to ‘harvest’ coincidentally on her next school holiday break in March! 🤭🤣

I explained to them that the fruit waste that I collected (on a daily basis) can be ‘transformed’ into something useful – floor and toilet wash! 😁

I showed them the harvest we gotten from the last 3 months – I let them smell it and they told me it smells like ‘kefir’ 🤣 actually, true – about the same process and they ‘eat’ sugar!

Making ice cream

Strawberry and banana ice cream in making

Taught them how to make ice cream today. After we completed it by freezing it, Noelle repeated the steps verbally and added ‘so easy only!’ 🙄😂 actually, it is really very easy lor….

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