Bidding goodbye to 2018

Our last outing in the year 2018: to buy baking ingredients

I have no time to write review for the year (plus bad memory) and hence thankful that I usually jot down what I do with the kids on a daily basis!

BUT 2018 is THE year that I really felt motherhood gone a level higher! I did so many things with them and for them. I have a love-and-go-nuts feeling handling the three girls (most of the time alone). They are also my best companions. They give me strength to do what I once doubt myself! They give me courage to say ‘no’ to things I don’t enjoy doing (because time is so limited)!

Thanks also to our breadwinner for supporting our living; giving me a lot of flexibility in making decisions for the girls (don’t know good or bad🤭🤣). As Noelle says to him – ‘continue to go work, so that we can go holiday! 😂’

Moving forward, I think I will be super busy😵, super emo? 🤭But for the girls, I will continue to be a ‘super’ mum! 😘

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