Happy 6th and 3rd birthday to my girls!

To the ‘twin’ sisters of different year

Happy 6th birthday to our firstborn!

2018 is a year of milestones for our big jeh jeh! You have grown up so much this year – proven to us that you can be so independent and ‘testify’ a lot of our parenting styles that we have been practising (for these six years)! You have been a GREAT jeh jeh too!

Hope you will grow up happy and healthy. Wishing you a great year ahead as you officially start your primary school life in few days time! 😘😘😘😘

We are really happy to parent you, our darling girl!

Happy 3rd birthday to our second born!

My best companion for year of 2018 – the little chatter box! To me, she is like four years old! 🤭🤣 Nikki picks up things very quickly and definitely ‘tests’ me more than her jeh jeh. She’s just a little version of mama! 🤭😝

She too has a lot of milestones this year – namely going diaperless (day and night). She has a great memory span. Our little girl has also sort of weaned off from breastfeeding just before she turns 3 years old (bitter and sweet experience)! The small jeh jeh has also done her duty as a big sister!

Moving forward, we will spend more time together as jeh jeh goes school. We will try to understand each other more, k? 😘😝

>> Thanks ‘favourite’ Aunty for Nikki’s birthday suit this year! 😆

For their 6th and 3rd birthday, we decided to bring them to Parenthood Playland (our first time there despite our many visits to Sunway Pyramid)! We spent almost two hours there (we can actually re-enter after lunch but we decided not to)!

**We used to ‘fear’ entering such places – as they will go crazy and it is not cheap for entrance – but now they understand that only special days they get to go such playlands! 😁

Video of them enjoying at Parenthood Playland Sunway Pyramid <here>

28 Dec FB memories (yesterday) showed that I bake their/her birthday cakes almost every year! BUT this year (2018) I didn’t ! 🤭🤣 I told them I bake them cakes every week; so today we eat ‘outside’ cakes, k? 😆

They had Mille crepe cake in the afternoon and waffle (bear) ice cream at night! 😁😁

And this marks the end of our celebration for their 6th and 3rd birthdays! Back to your ‘peasants’ life ok? 🤭😝

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