New kid on the block – primary school orientation

One more day to her BIG 6 ~ attends her primary school orientation

Noelle was excited; woke up without fuss (when the sky was still dark), shower, wore her new uniform, took her light breakfast, tidy up her hair, cut her fingernails (last minute remembered🤭🤣) and wore her new shoes and socks (we are sticking with black since black is the colour moving forward though there’s transition period)!

[more difficult to wake the lan fen g 🐷 mei mei🤦🏻‍♀️🤭 sorry, got to follow us along…cos mama cannot don’t go 🙄😝 all well after she was fully awake]

There are five classes and we identified her class from the list. She queued with her friends (we stood far away – happy to see her being independent). Class teachers were introduced and they were sent to their classes by the respective teachers.

Video of her in the class <here>

We stood there to listen to briefing by the headmistress – before we proceed to making payments and collecting books from the classroom.

Noelle is in kebangsaaan school; so we registered her in the mandarin extra class (which we already decided for long, we told her about that and she seems happy – for now!)

Her school is ‘advanced’ in sending messages to parents – uses telegram; so we knew what to bring along for the day. Besides the forms and photocopied documents, they were told to bring pencils and colour pencils for some activity in the class while waiting for the parents for briefing and settlement of registration.

My very first recess box for Noelle’s primary school orientation😁😁😁

(made an extra box since Nikki is following today)

– scallion pastry pancake

Thanks kns for the idea! 😘 (tested with them yesterday and they gave me a pass!)

Something light as the day won’t be long today

We also gave her pocket money, just in case. Started with RM2! I told her she can buy extra food if still hungry. I looked around – something ‘familiar’ would be massimo buns sold in the canteen. But looking at the price of nasi lemak of RM2.50, I think RM2 is really not enough if no recess box for her!

In one of the messages of the headmistress today – ‘let your child be independent!’ I would add that our kids need to be responsible too – parents can help only to a limited extent (as they grow up)!

And while Noelle is still motivated 🤣…

We spent the rest of the day wrapping books, labelling books and drawing up the timetable – she is still learning how to read it!

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