Return visit to Milky Way Play Space Paradigm Mall

Today marks the last ‘play day’ before school orientation tomorrow! And we chose Milky Way Play Space (also our first activity when the school break started)!

The girls were tougher this round – went two rounds plus the wall climbing. <video>

Norrah joined at Trampoline <video>

They were given free entrance for the building block area <video>

And also virtual reality (they chose candy land – I can see they enjoyed it a lot – ok, I also never play before ya! 🤭) <video>

I told them – ‘today is a happy day! So no one is going to cry!’ And yeah, no one did except Nikki because she nearly tripped off – due to negligence by the staff! But luckily no mishap.

With this, it ends my one month of planning of school break activities!😆😆 We could have done more if no one fell sick! 😝

We would also like to thank our play dates and their mummies for accommodating us (sorry, this time I no shy ask ‘can we come to your house?’ 😝) Actually I prefer bringing them out rather than being confined at our home for play dates now (though it means more travelling and packing)!

Thanks especially to the ONE who ‘flew in’ to play date with us! Also, the ONE who put up a surprise birthday party for Noelle and Nikki! We have averagely two play dates/meet ups in a week for four weeks! And I kept this week for me and my girls only!

>> We were pretty occupied this month (sorry I know I don’t answer a lot of messages and I rather facebook – I like laaaa🙄🤭!) Most things were planned and worked out accordingly; sorry for those that missed it – I really can’t make any replacement!

>> This school break is more like just me and the girls because papa couldn’t take any day off! 🙄 He also got a month break from fetching Noelle to school – asking him to enjoy his last few days before the hectic begins again! He got to go work very early soon! 🤭🤣

One thing we left out for school – black, white or dark blue ribbon for the hair! And today we finally found the white ribbon! 😁😁

Tesco is also disposing their Tesco Love Baby diapers at half price (because they are rebranding their diapers)! 🤭 I ‘die die’ also must get one packet! Then I asked them if each one of us can carry one packet 🤭🤣 They agreed; so we bought three packets! 😆 (I told them – I brought them to the playland, so need to help mama now! 😝)

Our lunch date today – Sushi King

I am hungry but I don’t feel like eating much🙄🙄 cos we have been eating sushi almost every outing! 🤭😆 but they like it….so let it be! I am not comfy giving Norrah sushi yet again, so bought bread for her! 😅

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