Buying a Christmas present for papa

Today I told them to choose ONE present for papa (Noelle: ya…papa has no present! ☹️) I suggested them to get it from Daiso! Actually, just for fun – choose one thing that they think papa will use! 😆😆 I made many ‘wild’ suggestions (as we walked down the lanes of Daiso)- which include coffee filter (papa like to drink coffee ma), water bottle, make up🤭🤣, gorilla mask 🤣😝 etc. At the end, Noelle choose colourful pens (since papa always ‘write’). Nikki suggested ‘sharpener’ but then Noelle told Nikki – papa doesn’t use pencil! 🙄🤣

Noelle got excited about the present. She wrapped it right after taking bath and made a card for papa. I asked if she signed off as Noelle, Nikki and Norrah, but she said she didn’t put any name because papa knows is from them.

Noelle was still napping when papa returned from work. This Nikki being the chatty pot – actually ‘bocor’ rahsia🙄🤣! But papa acted duno when Noelle woke! Papa asked if he can open it today and they allowed! 🤣

Merry Christmas to our papa Chou! 😘

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