Our visit to Taman Botani Shah Alam

Winter time at Four Seasons Temperate Garden , Taman Botani Shah Alam

Caught by surprise that ‘today’ is the first day of winter time at the Garden (will last through Feb 2019)! Temperature at -3 degree celcius, we got to experience the real chill and snow! 😆

Animal park @ Taman Botani Shah Alam

We were supposed to visit the Aviary and Bunny Park since two weeks back – but one fell sick after another – finally we made it. And realised the Aviary and Bunny Park is such a sadist – with additional payment for entrance. The animal park is good enough, if one doesn’t want to fork out extra.

The trem ride is a bonus for the kids. And we were glad that we waited for the rides instead of walking! 🤭😝 hubby and I used to ‘cycle’ in this park.

Video of feeding deer <here>

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