Our play day at La Familgia Parent Child Centre

Today we were invited by the owners of La Familgia Parent Child Centre to ‘play and learn’! We did a lot of activities there in a short span of four hours which include:

– bubble play

– sand play

– trampoline

– making cincau water

– preparing mashed egg dish

– Christmas wreath craft

– Musical box game (I suggested and prepared this 😁)

– Christmas gifts exchange

– Singing and greeting of Merry Christmas

We also had potluck lunch! No final picture of food as we had too many things to handle!

Noelle and Nikki had a lot of fun there!

Thanks Kate Loh, Karen Ang and their partner for inviting! All the best to running the centre! Most things there have been customised to preschool ages (very cute)! 😁

In 2017, we gathered at our home with two kids each! 😁😁

Today, we have three kids each – plus of course two more kids from another lovely mama! 😁😁 So, in total, today we had 11 kids in one place! 🤣

And my hubby asked why I didn’t text him about our whereabouts – how to text la!?🙄🤣

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