Cancelling a play date

Today we were supposed to have a play date with Kai. I called it off since Monday. This is our very first time calling off a play date!

I know my kids are recovering from fever and flu, and have less ‘risk’ infecting others. But I am not comfy ‘risking’ an expecting mum and a toddler who she has to look after alone. I don’t want to hold this ‘guilt’ forever. Moreover, the initial play date was set at their home.

Noelle was especially disappointed as we have wrapped the presents for Kai last week. So, I told Noelle that we will take a drive down to their house and pass him the presents (which we did). In return, Aunty Apple Siew also gave them a gift each. Wow….it turns out to be a gift exchange visit! 🤭🤣 But really thank you Apple for being so thoughtful (as always).

We then went to the supermarket to get some stuff before going home for lunch. We took a swim before naptime because all of them dozed off for a while when I was cooking lunch.

>>> I have to honestly admit that play dates is more for my kids than myself (I am not a very social person 🤭). So the dates that I reserved are very important – as we can do soooo much in a day and the clock has been ticking fast (imagine in less than two weeks Noelle is going back to school 😫🙄).

Since this is my first time cancelling a play date, I take into account few factors –

(1) not to make it a very last minute cancellation* (I told Apple first thing on Monday morning – I don’t want her to get her cooking ingredients before I tell her so – since we were initially planning to eat lunch there. I don’t think I can wait till Tuesday to [see my kids’ condition] decide to tell her )

*unless sick the night before play date (different story)

(2) be upfront and honest with the reason (my reason is quite clear, I don’t create story to make people feel better)

(3) don’t make people ‘lose out’ (time) – since it was initially planned on Wednesday, so we also drop by her place on the same day and time to pass her son stuff (I hope this will compensate the time she reserved for us partially)

(4) Definitely, apologise for the cancellation (hopefully we can do a replacement play date during next school break)

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