Our annual visit to Big Bad Wolf 2018

This year we had many obstacles before we actually got to BBW. We supposedly go on last weekend but Norrah was down with rashes. Then we planned to go on Thursday night but Nikki was unwell. Yesterday’s initial plan was to ‘Grab’ to hubby’s office. We waited about 15 minutes and there wasn’t any driver. Next the fare price increases (close to double), that hubby decided to come home to fetch us (actually we wanted to bring them a visit to papa’s office building, but with disappointment). So finally we made it to BBW, arrived around 9+ at night and spent close to two hours there! (I think we could have spent longer if I am in perfect health – feel like I am getting Nikki’s germs 😓). Traffic was kind of smooth and we didn’t have problem finding parking in the building.

This round we were ‘smarter’ to bring along a trolley bag to put our chosen books. That also kept Noelle occupied without complain- she was happily pushing the bag and putting in books that we wanted. This time round we no longer look for board books, but moved to ‘reader’ level. We only grabbed few activity books for Nikki. If one ponder about the ‘quality’ of the books, Lady Bird and Penguin are brand names – that are on sale at less than half of its normal prices. BBW has now also included many school books (primary and secondary) – which I haven’t aim on – maybe next year when I get to know more about Noelle’s primary school teachings.

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