Our visit to PPAS @ The School by Jaya One and short meet up with Poh Poh and Gong Gong

The new public library in city- it is new (nice and conducive environment to really focus on reading) and child friendly but lack of books 🤭🤣 (I think our home has more books than there).

And the two girls prefer to play lego than browsing books there! 🙄🙄 Only Norrah go mess up the books and flip some of them! 😂

Video <here>

Lunch at Go Noodle (we went before the peak hour, so it was rather empty and food served fast – spot on). After that, we went to the supermarket to get milk for papa before going home!

The most outstanding girl today goes to Nikki Chou. She is no longer afraid of Poh Poh and gong gong like she used to (maybe Noelle’s factor contributed to this) – she is her chatty self and no longer hides behind of me! She ate her lunch all by herself today! But she still doesn’t give Poh Poh and gong gong hugs! 😆 (tarik harga)

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