School break activities with three little girls v6

More housekeeping: washing the table fans

Noelle: Mama, long time we didn’t wash the fans already! 🤭

Me: *correction* it is YOU didn’t wash the fans for a long time already because I have been doing it when you were away from school! 🙄🙄

Glad she still remember the steps! 😆<video>

Decluttered our home – bid goodbye to our ‘house’

Set up our new tent

Practice vocal

Bake a cake

We baked honey ogura cake together today because I asked what they would like to have for breakfast tomorrow – and they say ‘cake’!

I thought it would be unsuccessful as they were mixing like nobody’s business; fortunately it came out perfect with no crack! 😁😁

Preparation time doubled or tripled with them ‘helping’ but it was a learning curve for them – and most importantly, everyone had fun – including the baby who was watching us!

Video <here>

Also read our School break activities for three little girls v5 <here> It will link to earlier versions

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