Cheers to our friendship via facebook

Dear Santa 🎅 Mama,

Thanks for the invitation to your lovely home (though I self initiated by inviting ourselves🤭😝 – cos this has been overdue for a year!)

Thanks for the arrangement of activities for the kids (you made me feel that I just sent Noelle and Nikki to daycare🤭 – because they didn’t bother about my existence throughout the visit except for the warm up session and pizza making).

Thanks for the thoughtful gifts (as usual)🙄! And most of all, you surprised Noelle and Nikki with a birthday cake! 😱

My girls had a great, great time at your home with Heidi and your neighbouring gor gor (Keon) & jeh jeh (Eden). On our way back, Noelle already asking ‘when are they coming to my house?’ 🙄🤣

Also thanks to Santa 🎅 Papa for cooking lunch for us (plus washing)! This is really eye opening for a mama who slaves in kitchen day in day out! 🤭😝

Lastly, cheers to our friendship via facebook! 😘

Play dates are not just to develop social skills but for the kids to have fun and getting to know new friends!

While Noelle and Nikki play dated Heidi before, today is their first meet with Keon and Eden! Except for the warm up session, they played like they know each other for a long period of time! 😆

I am more amazed with Nikki! She didn’t bother that everyone was older than her! 😁

Art and craft prepared by Rachel

Pizza making ‘session’

Everyone gets to flatten the dough a little, put on the sauce and cheese (toppings).

“Baked by” mama Rachel cos she sent it to oven and sliced it! 👏🏻😂

Noelle agreed that she won’t be having any birthday party because she isn’t going to school in the month of December!

But today (without my knowledge 😒), this Aunty Rachel Ong bought a My Little Pony jelly cake – sort of celebrated her be-early birthday together with Nikki and her few friends!

Thanks again Rachel for the kind thoughts! <video>

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