Baby Norrah’s episode of allergy rash

>> started with hives before rashes came

Norrah was down with rashes on Friday due to allergy (which we still don’t know what’s the cause). She had a 24 hour mild fever on Wednesday (not sure if it relates). We had a hard time handling her coupled with the ‘is it my fault’ feeling. More pressure when hubby panic and suggested to send her to the paed! 😓 (he panic liao)

**Actually we had bad experience with Noelle’s eczema and wish not repeat the same episode. Sending Norrah to the paed is only the last resort if it gets too serious.

So I started to get some recommendations from my mama gang on paeds (as the one we currently go – will use steroid cream and that was what happened to Noelle last time). Fortunately, mama HM 😁has a ‘not so good’ review (as in she only will use it as the last resort) on the nearest paed to us that opens on weekend (that slow down the pace of my hubby 🙄sending Norrah to a paed)! And then luckily again I spoke to my TSW (total steroid withdrawal) mama gang SL 😁 – ‘Go paed also no use, only give cream (probably steroid) and anti histamine (which can be bought from the pharmacy)!’ when I asked her about another paed. This one very reassuring- so I talked over my hubby! 🤣 I seriously hated to see his ‘very kek sum’ face when looking at Norrah because it makes me more guilty (but he responded by saying ‘you expect me to smile when I look at her condition like that meh?😒)

So, I continued with my usual ‘method’ (the one I used on Noelle and helped Nikki overcome her diaper rash when she was 8mo) – coriander bath and application of (blended) neem leaves + turmeric powder + tapioca starch (at first we did use cooling powder, but this works better – the itch stops a lot more faster). Thanks to mama QT for getting the neem leaves for us (and constant reassurance that I am doing the right thing). [The first batch of neem leaves could possibly made us waited longer for our bus ride! 🤭😆]

Handling a baby toddler with skin rashes is definitely heart aching and difficult. But, yeah again that we are towards the tail end of this episode! Rashes and itch doesn’t go off immediately – but it does improve in days!

Now the next thing to do is to identify the food that she is allergic to! 🙄

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