School break activities with three little girls v5

Learning Chinese with cards

More on housekeeping

Stopping by at reading corner in a mall (Setia City Mall)

Doing simple mathematics

Building life skills – dish washing

Video <here>

Washing dishes is not a chore; but a life skill!

Completing her full two weeks of washing dishes – I got to say her ‘excitement’ dying 🤣, but I am making sure she washes at least her own every meal. 🤭😝

>>20 days to 6 years old!

Learning how to wrap gifts

Video <here>

Art and craft

Our play date mum gave us a box of ‘farfalle’; and I remembered doing this artwork with Noelle few years back – which I threw away already as it accumulated dust!

So today I suggested that we do it again.

Me: Later we going to use that pasta and make an artwork.

Noelle: 😮😮

Me: We are going to glue the pasta as butterfly 🦋 and then draw its ‘testicles’!


Me: 🤭🤭🤭🤭

Hubby: 🙄🙄(holds his crotch)

Me: 😂😂 ya, tentacles

But, later I googled and found the correct term to described the ‘thing’ as ‘antennae’ 🤭🤣!

Sorry, mind too blur…anjaran sesat! 🙄🙄😝

We also googled on how to pronounce ‘farfalle’ and also found its mandarin pronounciation!

Learning more on ‘giving’

Also read our School break activities for three little girls v4 <here> It will link to earlier versions

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