Our public transportation day!!😁😁

Bus ride and train ride with our playmate EZ! Thanks to our Transport Mate-nister Quinnie Tan for accompanying us! (Our first ride with just Noelle alone and our first ride with Noelle and Nikki were with her – and son- too!😆Now with Noelle, Nikki and Norrah>

We waited for nearly 45 minutes for the bus ! 🙄🙄 in the midst, Noelle already wanted to give up – telling us she wants to go home! 🙄🤭🤣 (we thought bringing the umbrella along was a good idea and keep them occupied – but 45 minutes wait is veryyyyyy long for the kids! If I didn’t have an accompanist I would have given up too! 😆).

But all well went well when the bus finally arrived. The smiles of their (and our) face still spark in my mind now! We took the bus ride to the nearest LRT station and took back LRT back home. We did stop for a cold drink at 7 eleven (train station)🤣!

We told them – not everyone can afford own transport, I.e. car – and they have to WAIT for bus and lrt on a daily basis to get some where! And, welcome to Rapid Malaysia! 🤭🙄 (aiyo…please improve lor, but the argument surely is ‘off peak’ hour)! We did talked about many small things along the way too – mainly observing the surroundings.

I cooked nasi lemak with non spicy curry chicken for lunch while Quinnie cooked the very spicy but yummy onion sambal!

– – –

Yesterday while having dinner, Noelle turned to me and told me ‘mama, tomorrow I don’t want to use Mickey Mouse bowl when EZ comes for lunch!’ Actually I wanted to tell her the same thing; but then I asked her ‘why?’.

In her own words – ‘I don’t want to make EZ feel BAD if three of us have Mickey Mouse bowls and he doesn’t have!’ Exactly, that was what I initially worried too! And I am certainly glad that she told me before I did to her! I am kinda proud of her – ‘I don’t want to make EZ feel bad!’ It kept ringing in my mind!

<So, only Nikki and Norrah used the Mickey Mouse bowls; while Noelle and EZ has the adult plates!>

I wish she and her sisters will carry on this – not making others feel bad for what they have and what others don’t! (making people feel like they are at home too when they in essence are in our home!)

Other things they did after going on bus ride and train ride; plus lunch

EZ brought extra fishes for them to release into the pond. So we fed the bigger fishes before going to the smaller pond. They ‘played’ catching fishes.

Then it started thundering. So we went back and the three had mango raisin ice lollies (while I fai tit saved my baju from getting wet)!

Noelle passed EZ the little gift that we prepared (yesterday she said she doesn’t want to make a card 🙄🤣 so I let it be lor). They sampat for a moment before we calling it a day!

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