Be ‘sincere’ in my friendship with you

I am not a perfect person but I will try to compromise each others’ weaknesses. I do give people some benefit of doubt. I give ‘many’ chances. Nevertheless, there’s a limit to this. I prefer being upfront rather than doing hanky-panky stuff behind my back.

I know: there are people who make up stories /telling white lies in order to get my attention, there are people who give excuses because they don’t know how to be truthful (probably fear hurting my feelings), there are people who hide the truth of themselves in order to look perfect to me, and etc. Sadly, this won’t make our relation/friendship go further – instead it would probably drift away.

Be sincere in my ‘friendship’ with YOU; and that’s the only thing I ask for. I may sound like a joker at times but in every way I am very serious in friendship!

2018 is not a year of friendship to me; in fact, some have been delisted. Don’t be the next! (This is not a warning laaaa)

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