Frozen Fever sing along

We participated in the event Frozen Fever by Sunsuria Forum and TGV Cinema today.

The two girls only took part in one art and craft activity (other things like face art and other Christmas art). Then we proceeded to watching the ‘same’ movie.

There were free popcorns, imitation Princess Elsa (who is also the emcee) and free space for the kids to run around. We basically just sat at the carpet area for the movie (we stayed till the end because Noelle wanted to) and the kids are allowed to sing plus dance along whenever they wanted. It is basically no different from the one we watched at home – except for the bigger screen, sound system and the experience.

But the highlight is of course the bubble snow at the end of the movie.

There were costume competition whereby the people basically mistaken Noelle’s Cinderella dress as Elsa and Nikki’s Rapunzel Dress as Anna! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤭 (and they don’t include other Disney Princess costume except for Frozen’s) <video>

Princess Rapunzel with ‘Princess Elsa’ 😂😂

>> bravery up another level, she volunteered to take picture and didn’t run away 😝

When they were wearing shoes before we left home, in her exact words

Nikki: Jeh Jeh, me and Norrah wear like Princess. Papa and mama wear like PEASANTS!


And she ‘forgotten’ that the peasants are the ones ‘feeding’ them! 😕😕😕

Something I started with Noelle and now continuing with Nikki – ‘giving’

We had an extra box of popcorn 🍿 and I told them that they had enough of popcorn today🙄🙄. So, we will be passing the extra box to Uncle Guard instead of dumping it!

So today I brought Nikki along. She was ready and knows what to do, as she has been watching what Noelle did! ✌🏻👍🏻 I asked if she is happy after giving, and she nodded immediately! 😁😁

– Our giving is not something expensive, but it is heart that matters

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