Kids make friends easier than we do….

This is our kids first time meeting each other (though it isn’t our first time meeting Vernice Tan). On normal days, I don’t even speak to my kids ABOUT my (facebook) friends’ kids. So, they aren’t aware that I secretly help them make a play date with Calista! 🤭

It was just a week ago (cannot tell too early or else keep bugging; but at the same time need tell early abit to give her picture of our plans in the week) that I started telling her about Calista. Then coincidentally we watched ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ 🤣 last Saturday when Nikki wasn’t well. So, I introduced Noelle to ‘Singapore’ and telling her about OUR friend who is staying in Singapore who is coming over to visit us. And they are ‘soooo far’ that they have to come on an aeroplane! 😆 I showed her Calista’s photo few days ago and we made a card for Calista (in which she drew Calista – forgot to take that pic of her drawing🤦🏻‍♀️). It was even sweeter – on Wednesday when we were having lunch – Noelle told me to reserve the wantan that we made for Calista on Friday (I told her I will make something else!😂)

Noelle got more excited when I told her that we would meet them at Paradigm Mall – plus playing in Milky Way Play Space! 🤭 She got very excited especially yesterday night and couldn’t fall asleep easily.

So today we finally met. It was much joy to see two of them running to one another to hug each other when they met. They held each other’s hand to the play space. I find it very reassuring when Noelle took the lead and encouraged both Calista and Nikki during their challenge. They mingle with one another just like yesterday’s friends.

When we were about to nap, I asked Noelle if she likes Calista, she told me ‘Calista is nice when she ties her hair. But almost like me when never tie hair.’ 🙄🤔😆 I have no idea what that really means! 😝 (but re-reading the sentence/answer – I think she interpreted my question as ‘how Calista LOOKS like?’🤦🏻‍♀️🤭)

My gung-ho daughter (as always) 😆😆 – slightly less than a month to her official 6 years old!

She has been mentioning about this (Milky Way Play Space at Paradigm Mall) for some time and up for the challenge. So when Vernice says she will be visiting, I suggested this place to meet and ‘play’!

Noelle did it with a breeze! 🤣 but ain’t going for second round today🤭😝 (but wants to come another day🙄)!

My apprentice daughter – hitting closer to her official 3 years old in 29 days time😁😁

Bravery up one level today! 😝

When we first saw this play space months ago, she never eyed it and even said ‘no’! But when her jeh jeh says she will want to try, Nikki of course wanted to follow. And yes Nikki did it also today! 😁😁😁

THE beginner on trampoline 🤣🤣🤣

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