Last day of Kindy!

Noelle officially graduates πŸŽ“ from kindy today!

Today will be her last day in school, though she can still attend school as usual in December (already paid in advance)! πŸ€­πŸ™„ But she chooses (and I also prefer her) to stay at home – to spend time together!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

I even told her that if she stays on in December for classes; she can have her birthday party in school. πŸ™„ She rather forfeit the birthday party! πŸ˜… (at least she has experienced once last year, plus seeing how her friends celebrate in school – all year round, guess she knows it is just a β€˜normal’ day afterall 🀭😝)

Yeah to myself too! ✌🏻I will have one month slight break from all the daily rush! Looking forward to spending time with her (and sisters – together-gether! 😬) They are only young for so little time; let’s not sacrifice it!

– it was just like an ordinary school day despite being the last day (I see many of my friends’ kids are having children day’s partyπŸ™„) – actually not very surprising about this from the kindy

– if given another choice, we will still send her to this school – because the very first thing – the principal NEVER ever discriminate us for sending her only for a year to school (compared to some other academic kindies that we enquire), it more or less kept the healthy meals principles (except for some birthday parties), and they are more on character building (well balanced concept)

– anyway, Noelle did bring home some bad habits/ characters – which I have been undoing them

– one thing for sure – her angmoh English turns Manglish 🀭🀣 this year (and it influences Nikki to speak the same way)

Her graduation gift from me – stationeries supplies for primary 1 🀭🀣

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