Vocal practice day: Our first ‘official’ karaoke session with the kids

We planned to take them to karaoke for some time. But we were also ‘accumulating’ the number of songs that we can sing together (besides nursery rhymes 🤭😝😂). Finally, we made it! The kids need a lot of time to warm up – as it was their first time! And we funnily/ happily sang some nursery rhymes and picked their favourite Disney cartoons songs – to get them into singing. We spent four hours there (when we initially target to finish in three hours).

At our usual outing time, it is happy hour – so the rates are cheaper. We only paid for two adults (RM26 per adult) and a kid (at Neway) – with some simple buffet lunch and free flow of drink. Kid is half price of the adult’s price and based on height.

This is definitely a stress relief session – because – even if we screamed at each other, it won’t get noticed! 🤭🙄😆 With a room to ourselves, they can run around. Better still, it came with an attached toilet! 😁

Video: Who’s the karaoke queen? <here>

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