Happy 15th month old to our littlest baby!

Norrah has undergone one of the most challenging weeks in her life this week! She had on off (mild) fever since late Monday night (mostly at wee hours). But she put on a brave front and stayed active (though very clingy and cranky, plus resisting solid intakes)! When her fever returned yesterday (Friday) evening (4th day), we decided to bring her to the emergency ward to do a blood test. At the ward, her fever actually shoot up to 39.8 (and immediately given a suppository)! 😥She was very agitated with the checks especially the ear thermometer and finger pulse test. She was more calm with the blood taking on her finger tip. A breathe of relief when she was tested negatives for all the influenza A, influenza B and dengue tests! We went further to check with the paed – and was diagnosed with bacteria infection (looking at the blood cells/counts test), prescribed with antibiotics (her first). Her fever did return at wee hours 1am to 3am; after the bout, it hasn’t return till now (🙏🏻touch wood)! Hopefully this signifies the end of her fever bout!

While I was mostly calm in handling her fever (fever is not a disease but a sign of something not right), I would say it wasn’t easy as the days went by – with her ongoing fever. One day after another. Thankfully I have people who gave me mental support when I am vigilantly checking on Norrah!

I certainly found the guilt of bringing her along for our ‘we time’ (hours away from home) – some may judge me as ‘irresponsible’ (that’s the guilt) – but thankfully I was reminded ‘don’t treat your sick kid as sick and they would be alright’ (I almost forgotten that I gave my friend this advice last time😂). Secondly, I still have friends who are not fever phobia – where I can find support and reminder on ‘day 4 or day 5 fever to send to dr?’ Thirdly, my hubby has ‘improved’ 🤭🤣 as in he is more steady than me this time round (never pester me to send to paed until I personally suggest ‘let’s go!’) – I have to admit that I lost my cool yesterday as we were sending Norrah to the emergency ward. Finally, after knowing me for years, the paed (who ‘enjoys’ prescribing medicine, actually we are back to the same paed as he gives a thorough check plus he fees are reasonable) actually agreed that we can do without the flu medicine. I did not agree with flu medicine since Norrah’s flu is at tail end! And I am glad I stick to it!

With this chapter ending, I am sure Norrah’s immunity is up a level!

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