3d2n at Bukit Gambang Resort

Day 1: Bukit Gambang Safari Park

After a 3 hours drive (we stopped at Bentong for early lunch), we arrived at the resort to check in (early, because off peak season). Then we proceeded to the safari park.

Short review: it is pretty run down; but it ‘won’ our hearts with our first encounter with free-roaming animals (though the animals were so ‘lazy’ to roam 🤭🤣). We went for all five shows that they have on a daily basis. They love the ‘fire show’ the most! Video <here>

Actually only ‘we’ (adults put ‘expectations’) – the kids have no bad reviews; they enjoyed it a lot!

Day 2: Bukit Gambang Water Park 081118

Mini Sunway Lagoon; but they need to improve on cleanliness. Otherwise, it is good and worth the price (less than half price of Sunway Lagoon water park)!

Noelle went almost all the slides- including the adults’ ones because she finally over 110cm! If not because Nikki cannot join, we would have played many more rounds!

We spent closed to 5 hours there! 🙄🤭🤣 Video <here>

Random photos from Bukit Gambang

– First time packing in less than 24 hours before the trip 🤣 – Noelle helped with choosing their (Noelle, Nikki and Norrah’s) clothes

– very the least OCD with their food – only brought flask and veggie pasta for Norrah, their usual snacks and apples (they are in apple phase now😂)

– no surprises for them on their activities pack – their usual colouring stuff and books (only a new card game – Grand Dame)

Many many things happening in ‘our’ (people) lives – for example, the case of a ‘holy’ man preying on kids – reminds us to spend time connecting with our kids. They grow too fast, time with them is too precious to ignore. There are unpleasant moments in the trip but that does not make our trip bad!

Guess this is our year-end trip for 2018; looking forward to next year’s? 🤭😝


Something which Noelle picks up both at home and in school – recycling habits

When we were packing our bags before checking out, Noelle picked all the empty bottles and insisted that we bring them home ‘to do something’. And so we did!

– – –

Noelle teaches mama how to ‘ease’ in social scene

When we were in Bentong for lunch, we bumped into Noelle’s school mate dining in another table. She insisted that she wanted to say ‘hi’ and for me to go with her. 🙄 (aiyo…actually I dun enjoy doing that 😂). And so we went!

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