Second born gets her first visit to dentist

Nikki’s first visit to the dentist (2y10m+)


Nikki actually chipped one of her bottom tooth few weeks back when she jumped down from the sofa! 🙄🙄 clumsy ‘super girl’ 😝 Also, compared to Noelle, Nikki stubbornly doesn’t want us to brush her teeth (kononnya independent🤭).

So, gan cheong Mama is abit ‘Gan cheong’ lor…’will she lose her first tooth faster than Noelle jeh jeh (who hasn’t seen a dentist before, and even afraid to🙄)?’

Nikki braves herself today – and said ‘yes’, assuring us that she will meet the dentist when we enter the dentistry. The dentist gave a quick check – everything is normal! ✌🏻(Phewww). Just have to keep the chipped tooth area clean always.

>> We asked Noelle if she wants to have a check – no, she doesn’t want to; and ‘respectfully’ 🙄 we left without pursuing further. (Personally I do check her teeth on a daily/weekly basis; so far ok. Plus she will definitely get her tooth check in school next year – she won’t get to run away that time! 🤭🤣)

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