Living every child’s dream: Princesses 👸👸👸for ‘an hour’

The last time we took an official family portrait was when Nikki just turned 1 yo and also few days after I found a positive pregnancy test (with Norrah). I would admit that I wasn’t at my best at that point of time because of morning sickness. Nikki was slightly bald, at that point of time (the photographer remembered 🤣).

Fast forward, Norrah is now 14mo+.

Recording today’s moments (because the photos won’t come so fast; and my dory memory) –

Both Noelle and Nikki were very excited when we told them about the photo shoot. (Noelle still remembered the last time we took the shoots.) They were more excited when I decided to let them dress as princesses. In fact, Norrah was also cheering when she saw her dress this morning! 😁

I was telling hubby that we could ‘expect’ Nikki to be the ‘spoiler’. But I was soooooo wrong! Nikki was in her best. When the photographer greeted us at the doorstep, Nikki was telling the lady that she is Rapunzel and her props! (I did put on some make up for them – and hence, warned them that they shouldn’t cry or else the make up will melt down – they will turn as zombie 😂). Noelle was her usual self. The timid one for today was Norrah! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄It ended up we couldn’t really take the few types of shoots that we expected.

Nevertheless, everyone had fun this morning.

>> We had our brunch (after the shoots) at a cafe and to the bank. Haiyoooo…I didn’t like the ‘attention’ we got from onlookers. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

>> I decided to ‘dress’ normal (actually just t-shirt and jeans) – to look normal 😝

Snow White who prefers ‘Happi Puff’ more than apple(s) 🍎


Just upon reaching one year old (respectively), Noelle and Nikki took their personal and our family shoots! How can we miss Norrah’s (albeit late, thanks to papa’s workload/available time🙄).

Taking their/our photos are very precious to us – because they grow TOO fast!

>> I have better shoots on Norrah alone compared to the photographer because Norrah wasn’t really ‘cooperative’ and ‘hangs’ on papa most of the time! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

>>These are unofficial photos 🤣 I can be a good photographer too? 🤭🤣

To our ‘King’,

Thank you for arranging the photography session! 😁

>> Noelle’s prop – wand (actually brought her shoes also but didn’t use)

>> Nikki’s prop – frying pan 🍳 🤣

>> Norrah’s prop – apples 🍎 which she refused to hold 🙄🙄

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