A day to celebrate – firstborn kindy graduation

Today Noelle ‘graduates’ from her kindergarten after (less than) a year stint (but she still needs to attend kindy until end of next month🙄😂).

Her walk-in video <here>

Sending her to kindy is more for her to learn her social skills and adapting to a school life – rather than for academic performance. We are proud that she achieves those objectives. She did improve a lot too ‘academically’ – mainly reading and writing (which she started near ground zero late last year). We are also happy that she continues to be cheerful in most things. We hope this will start her in positive direction towards (the lonnnnngggg) school life!

Oh ya, she was awarded ‘The Best in Cleanliness’ in her class! 🤣

I can’t deny that I teared today seeing how much our eldest daughter has grown up (ok, kindy only la…😝)!


After weeks of practice and nights of her making us dance with her….

Before concert

Mama: You scared or not later go on stage!

Noelle: But 9 Oct I went on stage, I am not scared!

Mama: But today ALOT of people will be watching you dance! 🙄🙄🙄

Noelle: 🤔🤔🤔

Mama: Never mind, if you scared, you just think of mama, papa, mei mei and Norrah, k?

Noelle: I am NOT scared! 🙄🙄

And yes, she proves herself that she hasn’t got any stage fright! Well done, baby! <video>

Today, we ‘celebrated’ as one for our Noelle Jeh Jeh! 😘😘

>> Didn’t manage to get wefie! 😕

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