Transition to seasoned food

2018 is the year I slowly ‘graduate’ Noelle from ‘bland’ food! I introduced to her more cooking seasonings.* I am happy to say that she is accepting it well! (During my lazy days, she will just go with bland food – same food as her toddlers sisters 😝). Moving forward, as she enters to different phases of life – she will get to enjoy more kinds of food. I am still glad that I kept her diet ‘clean’ for her first 5 years of life. 😁😁😁

Today she wanted Yee mee. And I was a little ‘hardworking’ to ask her if she wants it soup (bland type) or those with sauces – and she choose the sauces one. So, she had ‘char Yee mee’ topped with sweet potato pork cutlets. I served her with chopsticks – so she was very ‘motivated’ and focused in her dinner! 🤣 <video>

Dessert after dinner and shower – strawberry banana ice cream

* YOU know ‘those’ days ‘people’ say if you don’t introduce seasonings early, it would be very difficult to introduce her next time and then she will be a picky eater. 🙄 😝🤭

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