Our first visit to Aves World Broga Petting Zoo

This is nearer to Broga town; but smaller than current Rabbit Fun Land at Lenggeng. The ‘owners’ are more involved in ‘caring’ for the animals – as in they ‘encourage’ kids to get nearer (but too stressful for our kids – sort of ‘forcing’ them when they are already timid with some of the hungry rabbits, chickens and ducks) and show the way to feed the animals (besides making sure the right kind of food are fed to the respective animals – they sell a pail of food for RM10 that include sheep, rabbits and chicken food).

They have normal range of animals include rabbits, sheep, chicken, duck, horse and cow.

Overall, I think they enjoy Rabbit Fun Land better than Aves World Broga Petting Zoo. Aves has less shade – and we have to be constantly under the hot sun.

Comparatively, Aves has more chicken and duck range (as in they even import chickens from different countries – mostly caged) while Rabbit Fun Land has more deer, sheep, horse and cow. 🤣

Aves also have fish pond for kids to ‘fish’ but Rabbit Fun Land has a bridge for them to climb over and over again. And it was first time for the kids to watch tadpoles swimming (I told them I used to catch tadpoles in longkang when I was a kid)! The entry price is the same, RM8 per person (adult/kid).

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