Giving without expecting

Surprise parcel

‘We’ have been decluttering and offering people things that we no longer need. As mentioned many times, it teaches my girls to be more open hearted to giving others. Now, whenever they see me pack something, they will automatically ask ‘is that for Aunty?’ Or ‘we don’t need that anymore, so we are giving it away.’

The early times we did receive some little things in return. Later on, I reminded recipients not to bring anything along during collection. I wanted my girls to learn about giving without expecting. So, there are many giveaways without anything in return. It has become a ‘norm’ and they understand that they get nothing in return for gifting.

But recently we gave away a set of two books. ‘That’ lady (*cough*) brought along some fruits and even activities sets for the girls despite the reminder to just ‘bring her banana hands’! 🙄

Ok la, I also wanted to learn to accept things with an open heart and without feeling guilt (something which is difficult to me) – reminder to self. On top of that, ‘that’ lady sent a parcel to us earlier on this week! 😒🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

We received it on Wednesday and I told Noelle (Nikki couldn’t be bothered with presents actually🤣) that she can only open it on weekend – after completing homework too. In addition to that, she was given a ‘homework’ to spell my name! 😝

So tadaaa…the time has finally arrived to open up the parcel! 😆

Thank you again to ‘that’ lady! 😘🤣

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