Making memories in hubby’s company event

This is the second year we joined hubby’s current company’s family day event! We had a better time this year – maybe because they are more grown up this year or the crazy numbers of bouncy castles 😱put on! They had many other kids and family competition which we didn’t take part. They also had many games too – which we avoid entering.

The kids enjoyed the mini petting zoo and the sand art activity.

We also managed to eat our lunch there 🤣 (last year, we failed to)! We spent five hours there! 😱🙄🤣

Video <here>

Love it that increasingly Noelle plays the big sister role – taking care and protecting Nikki especially when we do outdoor and when we are in the crowd!

And Nikki has increased her bravery level a lot (with Noelle around). So today is one of Nikki’s craziest day. Also, my second baby turns 2y9m today! 😆

3 more months to big 3 and big 6! 😦🤭 I feel old lehhhh….

Though we stay under one roof (or to be precise in a unit🙄🤣), we don’t get to spend a lot of time together on a daily basis!

So we hope to make each weekend a ‘story’ worth telling! And today we had have one!

It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we are happy together and building meaningful memories…😘

Credit to Noelle, holding the wefie stick 😆

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