Resilience day out!

Nothing challenging for Noelle 🤭🤣 but it was a good exposure for Nikki – who is ‘afraid’ of strangers! (She runs away and hide behind of me whenever she sees someone unfamiliar approaching her)

Initially Nikki didn’t want to join but seeing jeh jeh queuing up and taking part; she also follows! She finished up all the ‘obstacles’ with a super cool face! 😂 it was a ‘relieved’ to me that she allows another person(s) to handle her!

They were given a certificate and an ice cream (with permission from parents) after the challenge.

** Aptagro is a formula milk company/organiser; and taking part in the event – does not mean we endorse it! My girls are fully breastfed but I don’t bother about how others feed their kids (as long as they/you don’t bother me). Every mum has every right to feed their kids their way (including junk, outside food, etc). Breastfed and home cooked still the best for us! 😘😊😆

They did give out sample milk on the spot (but not pushy at all). Noelle tried and finished it up because she was thirsty 🤣(after playground). Nikki tried a sip and passed back to me. 🙄 I had to ‘glurp’ it down, feel ‘geli’ drinking actually (🤭awful taste – sorry la, not bias. I was a formula fed baby who once love Fernleaf 🤣 and remember it tasted quite nice last time).

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