Raising a minimalist – my child number 2

Today we ‘travel’ to and fro 60-70km in the morning – to mama’s hometown (minus Noelle who was in school and papa at work). I don’t remember me doing this with Noelle alone before! Without Noelle also means we have to ‘rush’ to pick her up from school.

Anyway we made a stop at GM Klang (a very brief 45 minutes – right at the dot when they open their shops) before heading to gong gong and Poh Poh’s house – because I wanted to search for their home dresses (which phailed 🤦🏻‍♀️).

What I LOVE 💖 about Nikki is she doesn’t whine in that 45 minutes, plus walking herself (which wouldn’t happen if hubby is around🙄). There were colourful lines along some paths and she just played around as we walked on it. She brought her bottle of water and just drank it occasionally. Despite the array of toys available (colourful and attractive), she NEVER ask me to get her any – she simply just admire those toys (look and see) and even waved goodbye. For example, in the photo, she just told me ‘waa…scooter’ and just walked off. Even the colourful ponies at the background didn’t amaze her that much. No bribe needed and I didn’t lure her too! 😁 So, we just got what we needed – my pants and their leggings.

Also, they were all good throughout the journey!

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