Our first time at Royal Floria Putrajaya

We have been contemplating to visit Royal Floria Putrajaya since Friday 🤣 – giving ourselves (hubby and I 🤭) ‘excuses’ one after another. Ok, we finally made it this morning (coincidentally today is the last day of the exhibition)- and no regret – in the sense, Noelle enjoyed it a lot – fascinated with the flower landscape, taking photos – playing a little tourist (Nikki was with her usual tey-pauness when hubby is around🙄). Also coincidentally her school is in the flower theme.

I personally enjoy the flower landscape too – though we see many similar and familiar breeds – such as hibiscus, (especially) Chrysanthemums, roses, orchids and bougainvillea.

I think we could have spent there more than half a day – if we ever stepped into their playground area. But we took a u-turn before they spot it! 😂 We go there to enjoy flower landscape and not play in the playground, k girls?! And we didn’t want to take our lunch there. (There were many food trucks.)

It was crowded but it is manageable – because the place is wide. There are kiddy rides, bicycle rides and even cruise around Putrajaya lake, which come with costs (we didn’t attempt any of them – cos Noelle was busy with her camera while Nikki was busy tey-pauing). Parking was difficult, though free.

We bought the entrance tickets online, so each adult was only RM12 (compared to RM15 on the spot). The kids (below 7) were free. We didn’t have to queue despite the huge crowd.

Thanks to mummy Jenny Puah for sharing her activity with her son. Actually I spotted this banner near our home but wondered what the event about until Jenny posted some pictures.

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