Toys out, books in

I have been decluttering since last week. Mainly their toys, clothes and stationaries. In the midst, we managed to give away some small items like cot booster and baby high chair bumper; also threw many small pieces of toys, (art) papers (mainly Noelle’s work🤭😂) and the cot mattress. A lot more toys being retained (of course, if not my kids will ‘murder’ me🙄) but I reshuffled and repackaged them – store them in different places (a lot more reachable actually). As for clothes, some of Nikki’s handed down to Norrah. And Norrah’s seems too old to hand down, so we are using as old cloth! 😆 This round, not many of Noelle’s goes to Nikki! 😜

This morning we went to pick some hand-me-down books from my cousin. It was ALOT and I could only fit probably less than half of them into this cabinet (in this cabinet – there are mix of our own books and the hand me downs). I choose those that are suitable for their age (there are lots more in the store room – probably in a year or two later, or when I can find space!) Besides that, they also received some board games – most are played before and one is unopened!

Noelle was pretty excited when she saw the board games when she entered the car from school. (I unload the car sparingly)

Noelle: Wowwww….new games!!!

Me: Ahaa…Aunty SY gave us allll these, plus a lot more books! It is a lot, a lot!!!!😵

Noelle: (silent and didn’t bother me, then opening one of the games) ohh…this one is old one!

Me: Yes, old one but still can play right??😁😁

Noelle: Ahaaa

Me: Just like mama give away things that we don’t need but still can be used by others!

Noelle: oohhh😯😯 but there’s one not opened yet!

Me: oohh…probably the gor gor and jeh jeh have a similar game already – so giving you the extra one! 🙄🙄 Or maybe someone gave them and they didn’t open it! 🙄🙄

Noelle: ooohhh😯😯…I am so excited! 😆😆

Noelle was more excited that there was this Ladybird Peter and Jane set (which we didn’t get them – cos she has been reading them in school). She even told me that today they don’t have to do outdoor activity because she wants to read the books! 😆

Thank you once again Aunty SY for the books! 😁😁

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