Calming the younger sister

Nikki got very cranky after she woke up from nap. Then Noelle wanted to get down to playground. I carried Norrah and Nikki wanted me to carry her also! I was getting agitated with Nikki and thought of just leaving her at home alone if she ain’t moving (don’t judge me , k?). As we were wearing our slipper, Nikki started following and eventually I helped her wear her sandals too. But her cries didn’t end there. She cried from our unit to the car park and towards the playground. 😑

I seriously couldn’t stand it but just walked off her and Noelle who was pushing the bike (in the field de, no car already, k?). So I stood at the playground waiting for Noelle and listening to Nikki’s cries from far (we weren’t there alone, but a boy and the dad – couldn’t be bother if they cared)🙄

Eventually, I heard Nikki’s cries tapering! 🤔😂 I looked and noticed – Noelle was actually carrying Nikki onto her bike’s passenger seat. And then took Nikki on a ride! 😁😁😁 wow, it was a proud big sister moment! After she cycled towards me, I couldn’t stop praising her that she did a very good job today in calming her mei mei! 👍🏻👍🏻😘😘

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