Happy birthday to our dearest Norrah!

Happy 1st birthday to our little darling Norrah!

How one year just glimpse through!

How much you have grown,

How much love you have planted in everyone’s heart,

How much laughter you have brought to each of us,

Thanks for making me us a papa, mama and jeh jehs again!

One year ago, we celebrated our birthdays in the hospital – the waiting, pain and shiver! Plus the feeling of ‘missing’ my two girls and hubby! Sweet and sour birthday for me last year 🙄😂

This year, of course, we have a more pleasant day! 😂 I have not been in this mood to celebrate my ‘own’ birthday for years. But I am referring to Norrah’s birthday, most of the time (I just tumpang happy, keih ley feih🙄🤭). Hope you had a good day today! 😆We will celebrate our birthday every year until the year you (Norrah) say ‘cukup mama, I want to celebrate with my (boy)friend(s)!’.

<But I was rather ‘sad’ this morning when Norrah didn’t want to ‘friend’ or anti- me! She only got better with me after her morning nap!>

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

And of course, thank you my lao gong for taking off and ‘planning’ the holiday away from home – that include the kids’ activity! Plus the ‘special’ gift that you brought home a week ago (though kena m16 from me upon gifting it🤭🤣)! 😘😘

<last year macam got nothing leh🤔🤔 😜but understood geh – cos all $$ went to paying the hospital bill 😓>

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