Meets a ‘new’ friend

With my chicken tofu nugget recipe FAN! 😜

Hailing from Laos to our place…

Ok…kwah cheong!

Carmen came back to Malaysia for ‘summer’ break; so has been talking about this ‘meet up’! (We have known each other for 3-4 years on facebook)

Sorry for keeping you wait for a month! 🙄🙄 and making you come to my place (so that I don’t have to rush to pick Noelle)! Thanks for the gifts to the girls too!

A short and nice catch up!


I was telling Nikki about this Aunty and her kids coming over. Before they came, she was asking ‘why so long one?’ But when they came, she turned a ‘weirdo’ self (tarik harga la tu)!! At many points, she tried to speak to aunty but then afraid of her! 🙄🙄she even tried explaining to Rae Han about the toys! I think Nikki will definitely be a better self when Noelle’s around with play dates!

Really too bad Noelle is not around; she will definitely have fun with Rae Han and Rae Wynn!

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