To our kids: live a minimalist life

We bought Noelle and Nikki sandals of different brands at the same time last year (or some time this year). But Nikki’s rather worn out. So we decided to get her a new sandal! Before we were at the shoe outlet, we were pondering if we need to get Noelle’s too despite hers still good!

Noelle even came with some ‘excuses’ for not getting Nikki one new sandal “She has the robocar shoes right?”, which we told her “but we are looking for new sandals rather than shoes for Nikki”.

When we were at the shoe outlet, Nikki chose her sandals – we decided that Nikki goes with the same brand as Noelle’s old one (seems longer lasting) and we asked Nikki to pick a colour. Then, she tried it! Noelle was repeating “Nikki needs a new sandal because hers spoilt already!” And we nodded “yes”! She even helped Nikki put on the sandals – after trying the new one!

Noelle did looked around to see if she needs anything. Fearing that she may be ‘sad’, I explained to her “Your sandals still ok. When it is ‘spoilt’, we will get you a new one. Or, maybe next year, when your feet gets bigger, you will need a new one. Some more, maybe next time, there will be better design and colour. Right?🙄” immediately, she showed me a 😁 face, meaning she agreed! And so we left with just Nikki getting a new sandal!

😊😊😊 Proud that she understands that we only get things that we NEED and not merely want. Having said that, we rewarded her with a magic colour at the cashier counter – without her even requesting for it!

** This is in line with us hoping that our kids will live a minimalist life! In life, there are unlimited wants but resources (I.e. money) are always limited!

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