New semester, new big girl

#throwback pic , credit to her school photographer

Love this picture a lot – she looks so mature, self composed and has a good sitting posture

Once again – She’s already a winner in mama’s heart!

– – –

We still do have our daily conversation after school but I am almost half or close to ‘dead’ most of the days – that we have gone off records!😂😛

Noelle has been adjusting well in her new class. In a way, her teachers have been psychologically making her think that she is now in the most advanced ‘level’ in her school – so she has to behave more maturely, which she is doing so on daily basis. Some include being more responsible to her school work and punctuality (record days she hasn’t asked me to send her to school – because if I were to, she will be later than usual – but still early la). In this semester, she shares with me a lot of what she does in school! She is much more prepared with her tingxie, ejaan and spelling. And she is always tell me ‘I am trying my best!’ which I believe she does! 😊

Some things she told me about her friends.

– Jeremy eats very slow!

– Jeremy is short like me!

– Jeremy is my best friend!

🤣🤣🤣 not sure why, but ‘boys’ are usually on her radiant of ‘best friends’; but more because of who sits next to her – currently Jeremy sits next to her

– Dawr always very forgetful one ah!

which I will respond ‘then try to remind her next time!’ 🙄🙄

– E Xuan comes late again because she can’t wake up

which I will respond ‘that’s why you also need to sleep early and don’t ask me to send you to school at the very last minute!’🙄🙄😒😒

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