Preparing no1 for primary school

Primary school placing was out earlier this week and Noelle got the place for the school that we were hoping for!

In the next few months, it would be ‘training’ her to handle her own bentos (for her recess time). We have been telling her that when she goes to 7yo school, there will no longer be ‘privilege’ like how teachers in her current school will serve her food. She will need to bring her food box and/or buy food (papa says will give her pocket money – handling money will be another topic then). Whenever she brings her food box, she will have to uncover, eat and pack back – plus the responsibility of bringing her box back home.

She is actually all eager and I think she has been talking about it with her friends in school. She did mentioned about Howard going to xxx school and asked me to repeat the name of her 7yo school! 🤣 Just now, she even counted the months left before going to primary school. At some points, she did tell me she doesn’t want to as she will miss her current friends. Some other time she is excited! She has mixed feelings about it! 🙄😆

** Mama’s still searching for the right size bento/compartment box (still wondering with compartments or no compartment)- which is not too pricey for a primary school girl to bring to school!

‘Test run’ this morning for next year 🙄🤣

We went to the primary school to submit document; and tested run how it feels to be walking the path (after crossing a road) everyday next year to pick up Jeh Jeh! 🙄😝

Nah, we won’t be using transporter – feel safer to pick Noelle up myself PLUS I still enjoy the beaming look from Noelle whenever I pick her up from the school gate.

>> Right after we went into the school office, Nikki was looking for Jeh Jeh! 🤣 She thought Noelle was there waiting for us!

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